ഓം നമോ ഭഗവതേ വാസുദേവായ


Further to the laying of the FOUNDATION STONE on 6th March 2011 by His Excellency the Governor of West Bengal Shri. M.K. Narayanan in the presence of distinguished Chief Guest Shri R.K. Krishnakumar, Director, Tata Sons Ltd, our Temple Thantri Acharya Ratna Dr. P.C. Dinesan Namboodiripad, our Temple Architect Shri Kanippayur Krishnan Namboodiripad and the Samajam went ahead with the completion of statutory and technical formalities relating to the newly acquired Eastern Nada property for the Temple expansion project. During this period, the Samajam also had the opportunity to acquire the two cottahs of land on the Southern side of the Temple which enjoys contiguity to the East Nada property and would indeed be an added advantage for carrying out the envisaged immediate and future construction plans.      The construction jobs undertaken for refurbishment of the Sanctum Sanctorum,   an artistic Melpura (second tier of the Sanctum), Nadapura, Majestic Gopuram with decorated teak-wood Door with DASAVATARAM engraved on this beautiful door and the adjacent Annexe Building began with the sacred Mahasayujya Puja (Inaugural Pani Thudakkam (start of work) ceremony) on 17th November 2013 are already completed and inaugurated on 8th February 2016 during the 21st Pratishta Anniversary celebration between 1st and 8th February. 2016.        
The entire work of Sreekovil was completed which included installing Nilambur Teak Wood Sculptors of Keerath-Arjuna story, at four side of Sreekovil and raising the second tier of the existing Srikovil with decorated Teak Wood and Nilambur teak wood Sculptors (Shilpa Alankaram) of DASAVATHARAM, consisting of decorated Vyali and Mukhappu made out of famous Nilambur teak wood from Kerala in line with the Sree Krishna Temple, Guruvayur, Kerala. and copper cladding of the Sreekovil Roof has been completed and inaugurated by performing “Kumbha Abhishekam” of the Thazhikakudam by our respected Thantri along with a team of Rithwiks during the 20th Pratishta Anniversary celebration from 16th January 2015 to 21st January 2015.

Artistic reconstruction of the Mandapam with Anjali wood and copper cladding on the roof in front of the Sreekovil.

A spacious and Typical Kerala style Nadapura with the artistic finish made ready for convenient Darshan of Diety to the devotees.

Construction of a two-tier Majestic Gopuram, with Rock Stone (Karingal) Padukam and flooring on the ground and first floor with Teakwood Charukal around  it with Three Mukhappu in East, North and South,  was completed and the ceremonial opening of the Teakwood Door with Dasavataram engraved on the same was performed during the  grand inaugural function on  8th Feb. 2016,  the  concluding day of 21st Pratishta Anniversary.

Relaying Floor of the "Chuttambalam" with Black Rock Stone Slabs (Karingal) and laying in the entire East Nada and relaying of the Nalambalam with white and black granite slabs respectively were completed well in time for the grand inaugural ceremony on 8th Feb. 2016.

It may be mentioned here that the whole construction was undertaken under the overall supervision of our respected Thantri and Temple Architect, with the help of highly skilled “Silpies and Asaaries” from Kerala who were staying in temple premises and carrying out the intricate jobs since inception, whose “Silpa Kala Chaturyam” (highly skilled workmanship) will always be a feast for the eyes, and will be remembered for all the time to come.


The most important, auspicious and epoch-making event was the Ceremonial Opening of the Dasavatharam Gopuram Door on 8th February 16, the concluding day of the 21st Pratishta Anniversary Celebration from 1st February to 8th February 2016.
The Sacred Pujas, Homams and Abhishekams performed on all the 8 days of the function from 1st Feb. 2016 to 8th Feb. 2016 and also highly successful Cultural programs in the evenings was indeed an occasion which the devotee public would like to cherish forever. The devotees were indeed blessed to have participated in this very auspicious occasion on all the days and particularly the Sacred Kumbhabhishekam of Thazhikakudam on the Majestic Gopuram on 4th Feb. 2016 and Maha Sahasra Kalasa Abhishekam on Lord Sree Guruvayurappan on the concluding day i.e. 8th Feb 2016.

The Cultural Programmes in the evening also equally contributed to making the 8day function really a history making the event for the Guruvayurappan Temple, Kolkata.  Devotees thronging inside the temple premises right from the early morning till late evening showed their enthusiasm and ardent devotion to the Lord. The entire temple atmosphere was reverberating with ‘Bhakti’ and ‘Anandam’ during this very sacred occasion. It may not be out of place to mention that ANNADANAM was provided to all the devotees on all the eight days of the function (both during lunch and dinner time).

The various intricate construction/expansion jobs undertaken since acquisition of land in 2008, till the ceremonial opening of the Majestic Gopuram Door on 8th Feb. 2016  has been phenomenal and indeed made possible only through the excellent support of Devotees and Philanthropists, Volunteers and, above, all, devoted services rendered by the dynamic team members of the Managing Council.

The magnanimity of our Chief Guest, Shri M.K. Narayanan, former Governor of West Bengal, and Guest of Honour Shri R.K. Krishnakumar, Trustee, Tata Trusts (for the most important and grand inaugural ceremony on 8th Feb. 2016, evening) in consenting to participate in the auspicious celebrations and their invaluable advice and support in fructifying this ambitious project requires to be appreciated, acknowledged and recorded.

All those involved in the raising of this architectural edifice with materials such as Granites, Teakwood and Native Tiles and also artisans from far away Kerala deserve our most sincere appreciation.  It gives us immense satisfaction and sense of fulfillment that today, Sree Guruvayurappan Temple, Kolkata, stands out as an exact replica of any other Kerala Temple, and the architectural style and the temple structure is indeed a magnificent and everlasting contribution to this great city of Kolkata, the Cultural Capital of India, besides richly enhancing the divinity of the Temple.

The Managing Council, as advised by our Temple Thantri Acharya Ratna Dr. P.C. Dinesan Namboodiripad and Chief Temple Architect, Brahmasri. Kanipayyur Krishnan Namboodiripad, is now embarking upon truly sacred and ambitious projects of constructing a THIDAPALLI (exclusive enclosure for preparation of merciful Lord Guruvayurappan's daily and special Puja Nivedyam - Prasadam), to be constructed on the adjacent south-eastern side of the Sanctum Sanctorum, as well as the construction of New Srikovil and 'Punarpratishta' of merciful Lords GANAPATHY and AYYAPPA (Sastha).

The Thidapalli is considered to be a most divine and inseparable part of the Sanctum Sanctorums of Lords Guruvyurappan, Ganapathy, Ayyappa(Sastha) and Goddess Durga which will enhance the "Chaitanya" of all the Deities and the Temple.

The Divine Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony was held on 22nd January 2023 by His Excellency Governor of West Bengal Sri. C. V.  Ananda Bose and by Former National Security Adviser and former Governor of West Bengal, Sri. M. K. Narayanan for the THIDAPALLY and the New Srikovil for Lord GANAPATHY and Lord AYYAPPA(Sastha).

The sacred inaguration on 3rd February 2024 of  New Sree Kovil for Lord Ganesh and Ayyappa, and the New Thidapally was inagurated by the Former President of India, Sri Ram Nath Govind Ji, H.E. Governer of West Bengal, Dr. C.V Ananda Bose and Former National Security Advisor and Governer of West Bengal, Sri M. K. Narayanan in the august presence of Temple Thantri (Chief Priest)Acharya Ratna Dr. P.C.Dinesan Namboodhiripad and Temple Architect Br. SriKrishnan Namboodiripad