ഓം നമോ ഭഗവതേ വാസുദേവായ

Special Pujas

Ganapathi Homam is performed to eradicate their obstacle and giving bestows for their life.It also helps in getting cheerfulness and good healthiness in our life. If anyone having kethu dosha or some other dosha they can do Ganapathi Homam. It will give relief from their dosha. Before constructing a new house, beginning a new business/venture this Homam was performed because work goes smoothly without any obstruction. This Homam can be performed for all-purpose. And the reason for performing this Homam is that all the other following things should be completed without any interruption.

After Nirmalya Darshanam, the God is given a bath with Gingelly oil which is Poured and applied on the Idol of lord, And a powder called Vaka Podi  is put on the Lord Idol, so that oil can be removed-This is called Vaka Charthu, Normally the powder of dried leaves fthe Nenmeni vaka (siris tree) is used with Inja Tholi, to remove the oil applied to the Idol. Now after rubbing with Inja Tholi and water, the Idol appears very pretty. After this the Shanka  Abhishekam is performed on the Lord and the God is Dressed with Konakam (Kowpeen).

Navakam Panchagavyam is a complete package of Tantrik Kriyas as it has two parts. Panchagavyam does the Shudhi and Navaka dopes the Paushtika part. This Puja is highly effective for the benefit of children and to have luck. For people who lose their opportunities, continuously this Puja is the best one to get good opportunities in life. Basically this an Abhishekam performed on Lord Guruvayurappan to enhance the CHAITHANYAM of the Lord.  Devotees can also be a part of this by offering this vazhipad/offering to Lord.

Lord Guruvayurappan say in Bhagavat Gita that he is pleased by whatever the devotee is offering. Offering a One Day Puja we are actually giving Lord our own life. In a Puja 16 upacharas are given to Lord by that we are actually giving our life he takes that and cleanse and gave that back to us. So that we enjoy and utilize it in the fullest form. This Puja is highly beneficial to create an order in otherwise stress-filled life.

Trikala Puja is performed as 3 Pujas in a Day.  It is equivalent to 3 savannas of Maha yag as Lord Guruvayurappan will take his most glorious trinity form at these Pujas at morning usha puja he took the Ishwara at mid noon Ucha Puja he took the Hiranya garbha form and at night atthazhaa puja he took Virat form.It is most auspicious for the devotees to do darshan of all the pujas as it will restore all kind of blessing to them. First puja is essentially good for curing Athytmika dughas (Problem-related with health etc) Second Puja for Aadhi Bhoutika Dukhas (Problems related to wealth and other materials) Third for Aadhi daivika Dukha (Problems related with previous Janma Karma Phala).

This pooja is performed to alleviate all disturbances and difficulty in the family and to bring forth prosperity and harmony among the family members. Puja is performed in three Kala, morning, noon and at night.

This is said to be the most favorite Puja for Guruvayurappan.  This is considered as a mini Utsava in the Miniscule form.  As the Pujas represents 18 different form of Lakshmi, this Puja is most praised for giving all the wealth and related benefits. Particularly it is good to fulfill our desires, which are otherwise unavailable. Offering  Udayasthamana Pooja is one of the most popular offering to Lord SREE GURUVAYURAPPAN.  There are 18 Poojas with Rituals conducted from sunrise to sunset. The Udaya Asthamana Pooja is supposed to be the most coveted and dearest of all poojas and is the most popular offering involving special poojas. ‘Udaya Asthamana’ literally means from sunrise to sunset. Hence it implies worship from sunrise to sunset. Normally there are three Poojas in a day – Usha pooja, Uchha Pooja and Athazha Pooja. The Udayasthamana Pooja is commencing on the previous day after Deeparadhana with Ganapathy Pooja followed by “Ari Alakkal” for  Nivedyam in the presence of the Puja offerer.  On the day of Udayasthamana Pooja, the Garbhagriha will open at 5am for Nirmalya Darshanam, Usha Pooja followed by 18 Poojas, Homam, Navaka Pooja, Abhishekam. The second session starts with Nivedyam, Namaskaram, Niramala, Uchha Puja and Deeparadhana. The third session will start in the evening by lightning Chuttu Vilakku, Deepsthabam for Deeparadhana, Athazha Pooja and conclude with deeparadhana.

It is said that Lord Guruvayurappan gave all the Goodness to Trivakra who gave Kalabha to Lord. Just like this devotees are offering Kalabha so that their disabilities will be absorbed by Lord and their life will become normal by the boundless mercy of Lord. As the special Kalabha contains a lot of medicines it has got a medicinal effect also. Kalabhabhishekam' is a very important Special Puja for Lord Sree Guruvayurappan. It is performed for the strengthening of the Chaithanya of the Deity and while offering Kalabhabhishekam Devotee becomes part of it. As part of Kalabhabhishekam, the priest performs the Kalabhakalasa Puja on the Kalabham Kumbham (Sandal Wood Paste filled in a Silver Urn) at the Chuttambalam. Before Uchha Puja, Kalabha Kumbham is taken out and as a part of rituals a Pradhikshnam around Sree Kovil is done, accompanied by Vadyam. After this, Kalabham Kumbham is taken into Sree Kovil for Kalabhakalasabhishekam, by pouring the Kalabham on the idol of Lord Sree Guruvayurappan and it concludes with Uchha Puja and Deeparadhana.

This pooja is performed for prosperity, wealth, and led a happy life. Bhagavathi Seva is done after the sunset and it is better if it is done on Tuesday and especially on Friday. It brings good things to home. Conducting this pooja frequently is good for removing the financial problems.

Sudarshana Homam is a fire ritual which is done to achieve protection - either spiritual or for some physical purpose.Sudarshana is the personification of the Discus held by Lord Vishnu. It is representative of the all-pervading Cosmic Mind. Sudarshana is one of the wrathful" deities and is invoke along with Narasimha for protecting the spiritual aspirant from all negative forces that may be at work disturbing their lives and their Dharma practice. The ritual can also be used as a type of exorcism which removes elementals and other troublesome astral entities as well as counteracting curses and spells.

This Sudarshana Homam is generally performed to accomplish any task successfully and also for prosperity. Other benefits include removal of negative energies, healing of the body and mind. This is a very powerful Homam and a corporation aspiring for overall growth and success can opt for this Homam. This Homam also has a yantra (the yantra is a copper plate with special sacred symbols) that has the power to dispel all negative thoughts and attract positive thoughts essential for success.

Sudarshana Homa helps you to take charge of your enemies and to relieve you from unexplainable sufferings and worries. You can get empowered with positive vibes by performing this Homa. It also helps stop unforeseen dangers and perils from your pathway of success.

This Puja performed on ever Ayilyam Nakshathram (Star) of every Month, to get rid of Sarpa Dosham.

Aatmanivedanam is said to be the finest form of bhakti.  Thulabharam is the offering, which gave devotees an opportunity to give themselves to Lord Guruvayurappan. Offering one's weight of such materials as coconut, butter, sugar, fruits, rice or any other materials is a popular vow taken by devotees. For booking of  Thulabharam advance notice is required. The Temple will supply most of the said common items, for other uncommon items which may not be available, the Devotees can bring them on the day of Thulabharam or inform the Temple well in advance so that it can be organised. 

The Samajam has, in response to the request from devotees, introduced Endowment Puja Scheme. This puja entitles a devotee to have an entire day's puja for Guruvayurppan on one day of his/her choice every year, throughout the lifetime of the devotee for whom the puja is performed, by making a one-time payment of Rs. 10000/-. Devotees are requested to enroll in this scheme in large numbers and be the recipients of His Grace and Blessings.