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18-08-2022 to 18-08-2022

Lord Mahavishnu was incarnated as Sreekrishna on the day Ashtami and Rohini conjoined in the month of Chingam (August - September). Ashtami Rohini is the celebration of the birthday of Lord Krishna. This is the same as Janmashtami in the north India with regional variations. Ashtami Rohini falls in the Malayalam month of Chingam (August-September) under the fourth lunar asterism or Rohini Nakshatra, on the 8th quarter of the moon Ashtami. Ashtami Rohini, also known as Gokulashtami and Krishna Jayanti or Janmashtami.

Krishna was born in an era of chaos, persecution was rampant, freedoms were denied, evil was everywhere, and when there was a threat to his life by his uncle King Kamsa. Immediately following the birth, his father Vasudeva  took Krishna across Yamuna, to foster parents in Gokul, named Nanda  and Yasoda This legend is celebrated on Janmashtami by people keeping fast, singing devotional songs of love for Krishna, and keeping a vigil into the night.  After Krishna's midnight hour birth, statues of baby Krishna are washed and clothed, then placed in a cradle. The devotees then break their fast, by sharing food and sweets. Women draw tiny foot prints outside their house doors and kitchen, walking towards their house, a symbolism for Krishna's journey into their homes.